Podcasts continue to boom. Public broadcasters, YouTubers, magazines and media brands all have their own formats, and their numbers are growing every day.

But how does podcasting work? What is a good podcast? And how can I make money with my podcast?

This workshop will provide answers to these questions. We will analyze successful formats and determine what makes a podcast attractive to creators, listeners, media companies and advertisers. Participants will develop or sharpen their own podcast ideas and learn how to produce and publish a podcast.


09.45 - 10.00 Group check-in on Zoom

10.00 - 14.00 : Live Online Seminar

  • Basics: What is a podcast and who listens to it?
  • Format check: What does the current podcast landscape look like?
  • Podcast production: Equipment and tools for recording, editing and distribution

10.00 - 14.00 Live Online Seminar

  • Concept: What should my podcast look like?
  • Group work on own ideas and concept development

What you will learn

After the online seminar, participants will know...

  • what makes a podcasts work successful?
  • what motivates podcasters
  • what their own podcast could look like
  • how to plan, produce and publish a podcast
  • how to earn money with a podcast

This course is recommended for...

anyone who is interested in podcasts and wants to become a podcaster.

Interested in an offer?

Place: online  (Zoom meeting)
Attendees: 10
Fee: € 290

Trainer: Philip Eins

Freelance journalist. Podcast and video producer. Concept developer and trainer for digital formats


Philipp Eins writes reports, produces podcasts and radio features, shoots videos. Advises companies on communication, develops digital formats, trains journalists and press officers. Lectures at academies and universities on podcasting, storytelling, writing, coaching and social media.